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About us

PAM Offshore Service was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing mechanical, electrical and welding services to the oil industry. PAM is a subsidiary of MEST Shipyard Group, that consists of around 500 employees, and is located in the Faroe Islands.

The company has followed the ups and downs of the industry and has grown to a company with between 100-200 employees in Norway. PAM has focused on being a reliable partner working with the large industrial companies in Norway. This good cooperation has led to a cooperation which has lasted for both 10 and 20 years with our good partners. Our customers have the following advantages working with PAM:

  • Flexibility - skilled manpower just when they need it
  • Experience - we have staff with the right skills and certificates
  • No language barriers - we have language skills in English, Norwegian and Danish
  • A professional administration, which handles all practicalities, selects staff and coordinates mobilisation/demobilisation